Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is Rosacea and How to Camouflage?


As I said in yesterday’s post (or day before), here is a little something on Rosacea.


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a disorder of the skin that is characterized by abnormal facial redness, small visible blood vessels, and pimples.. It is an intermittent condition that can be triggered by stress, alcohol or even changes in the weather. There are treatment options that can be discussed with a dermatologist and many rosacea cover options come onto the market all the time.

Knowing what works to hide the redness without causing irritation and further stress is the key to covering rosacea. 

I had a lovely lady come see me last week that had physician diagnosed Rosacea.  I say “Physician Diagnosed” because not all facial redness is true rosacea.  It has kind of become a catch phrase like Kleenex. I provided my client with a Sanitas Rosacea Facial and she loved it.  She said that this was the first facial she had ever had where she didn’t leave blood red.  Hum!  What was different?  Well, the products are unique to m.d. Skin in our area, but the biggest difference we determined was heat, or lack of heat.  No steam or hot towels.  In addition, I didn’t massage, rub, or pull the affected areas of her face.  She enjoyed the treatment and left with a lovely glowing complexion.

Helpful Tips


Stay away from streaming hot water!  Lukewarm temps are going to be best for you and sensitive skincare products are suggested. Stay away from products like soap, creams and lotions with fragrance. When you wash your face use your fingertips rather than a wash cloth and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat your face gently with an absorbent cotton towel - don’t rub, and allow it to dry thoroughly before applying anything else

If you are using any topical medication that has been prescribed by your Dermatologist apply gently and allow it to dry for 10 minutes before applying any sunscreen or makeup.

Redness-Solutions-Group-4-297x300 A green primer neutralizes redness.  Use  only on the affected areas. Again, using your finger tips (I think the pointer finger and ring finger have the best touch), pat, pat, pat onto your skin.  You may also use a green concealer sparingly to camouflage the redness.

Sunscreen is an absolute must – everyday regardless of bright and sunny skies or dark, rainy and overcast!  Make it a rule to never, ever, leave your house without a broad spectrum sunscreen!

Mineral Makeup is a good option for clients with Rosacea. Clinique carries a complete line of Redness Solutions that has primer, cleansers, mineral makeup and more.  I’m not promoting that particular line, however, it’s commonly found in most department stores. Using products that are specialized to the Rosacea client is always the best way to go.  They can help repair and protect your skin.


Remember this - - -


  • Always apply the product with your fingertips, rather than a brush, to avoid irritating the rosacea.

  • The products you want and need can typically be found at the makeup counter in department stores, drug stores and if necessary look online.  It’s not hard to find.  The hardest part is taking your time to find the right shades.  How to find the right hue?  Well, it’s best to shop with a bare face.  Yes, I know you are yelling at the computer screen right now, but testing color foundation over your existing makeup is really next to impossible.  If you can’t go completely bare (I really couldn’t either) at least go bare on your forehead.  The skin of your forehead is typically slightly darker than the rest of your face (really, go look).  It’s better err on the slightly darker side.  Before you make your final selection step outside with a hand mirror.  Natural light is key.

  • Look for products that have been tested on  rosacea patients and read through the consumer comments and reviews. Avoid any that have comments and warnings about burning and stinging.

for more good information click on http://

That’s all for today.  This is Sunday afternoon and another day in my life!

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