Monday, December 19, 2011

Skin Care by a Licensed Professional

It insulates our bodies.
It protects us from injuries and infections.
It helps us heat and cool our insides.
It provides us with the sensation of touch.

And how do we treat it? Horribly!!!

Most of the time we really just ignore it . . . And when we don’t? We bang it and bruise it. We scrape it and scratch it. We let it dry out, feed it poorly and even forget to water it! What am I talking about? Your skin.

Yep! The largest organ of our bodies and we fail miserably in maintenance. The truth is that most people take their skin for granted, but consider this: Although skin care does make us look better, it is also vital to our well being. Simple things that effect the health of your skin like drinking lots of water every day and getting plenty of sleep are obvious, but there are other things that you can do to treat skin issues and maintain or restore the healthy and youthful appearance of your skin.

Good skin care has never been easier than today. There are many, many options available. That is why a trusting relationship with a skin care professional is so important. Your personal Aesthetician continues to learn about products, procedures and techniques to better serve your particular needs. Today, we have lasers, microdermabrasions,
microcurrents, chemical peels and more. You may, or may not be a candidate for one or these - that is where your Aesthetician comes in - to guide, direct and provide these services - many times in cooperation along side your Medical Doctor and/or Dermatologist. His/Her goal is to reveal a smooth, healthy, and youthful complexion in a safe, sanitary and professional manner.

Some people have the impression that professional facials, and the like, are only for the Upper Crust. They think that regular facials are for the rich and famous and that they only provides frou frou fluff and stuff. That just isn’t the case at all. Let me introduce you to my client, Trish.

Trish is a mature, professional woman blessed with good skin. She has a “normal” complexion, not prone to breakouts, doesn’t worship the sun, and has done a good job of maintaining her overall health. She did not have regular facials. As a matter of fact, her very first facial was done by me about a year and a half ago.
Here’s what she has to say about regular facial treatments:

“I began getting professional facials at MD Skin in May 2010. I have received them regularly, monthly for the past approximately 20 months. Changes I have seen in the health of my complexion and whole face include clarity, firmness, a translucent glow, elimination of break outs (never had many), freshness, reduction in pores and wrinkles. Encouragement from Marci lead me to having Botox and Juvederm from Dr. Kelly Hynes. I also began stimulation with NuFace about 2 and a half months ago. Friends are amazed at how my face looks and I give full credit to Marci and Dr. Kelly. I have always been fortunate to have pretty good skin and have always used Clinique products. The improvement to my complexion and condition of my facial skin looks far younger than my 63 years

Another testimony is from Diane, a school counselor here in Columbia. Diane is concerned about aging well. In addition, Diane's job is very high in the stress factor. While skin care treatments are so important to your healthy complexion, many, like Diane, find treatments beneficial to the overall physical well-being, as well as mental and emotional. No, I don’t change more for psychological treatments . . . Hahanah.

"I have visited Marci for once a month for over a year now...My visits are my solace!! I am literally full of anticipation during my work day, knowing that I will see Marci later that day for a skin treatment. Her treatments are so thorough and relaxing. She really makes selections and choices based on my skin's needs at the time. Consequently, my skin continues to look healthier and smoother. I also purchased a Nu-Face unit from the results. I use it faithfully each night and the results build up subtly over time, but they are definitely there. Marci is the real deal when it comes to skin care! She is very personable too, and always makes me feel welcome and relates when I share concerns about my skin. My visits to her have become a part of my life. I can't imagine not being able to receive this nourishment, as I am in my 50's, and they're crucial for my overall facial skin tone and appearance - during a time when my hormones are erratic. Blessings to Marci!! My psyche benefits tremendously too!!”

Another benefit of creating a trusting relationship with your Licensed Aesthetician is having a source for professional skin care products. The best products are only available through a licensed professional. Yes, there are very good products to be found at department stores and even at Target, but the knowledgeable advice and product suggestions are not available. No offense intended to a sales clerk anywhere, but they have not gone to school to become ‘licensed” in skin care, rather they receive training to “sell” products. And that, my friends, is a very BIG difference!

Everyone has a different skin type and there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” product. Your skin care professional will suggest the best products for home-use based on YOUR skin type, after a thorough examination and analysis.
There are so many benefits of getting a professional skin analysis. You can find out how to take better care of your skin, and based on your biggest areas of concern, learn how to better treat those areas. For instance, you may have very sensitive skin. They may recommend some top quality, but affordable products, you can use to cleanse and use to eliminate any acne or oily spots you may have, keeping in mind your sensitive skin.

Some fortunate people have skin that doesn't seem to have any problems, but may still choose to have a personal skin care analysis to find out their skin type and how they can make it more healthy and youthful. Even folks like this have real concerns about aging gracefully and keeping their youthful appearance for as long as possible. (I have decided to refrain from saying, “anti-aging!”
If I don’t age, I die, therefore I am not “anti-aging,” rather aging “well!)

A professional skin analysis is much more thorough and detailed than a visit to a department store's cosmetic counter. Your Licensed Aesthetician will take a detailed skin and health history, gathering as many details from you as possible including sun exposure, allergies, and other important factors that effect your skin. Known skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne will also be considered. He/She will assess all the gathered information and determine your correct skin type. From there, a personalized skin care regime will be recommended for you, including the products that will work best for your concerns and skin type.

I will continue to use client testimonies in the upcoming New Year. Hearing directly from them will mean more than me telling you how wonderful and beneficial regular treatments are. I do hope to see you in my treatment room in the upcoming New Year.

Merry Christmas, friends. Happy Holidays and Joy to the World!

See you soon!


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