Monday, June 5, 2017

This Bud's for you

And by, "Bud", I mean your old buddy pal, Marci over here at Spa 131 - along with Buddies: Amy, Bailey and Brittany.  We've got a cold brew for you and some news that you can use! This Blog/Newsletter is specifically directed toward the guys.

Spas can be intimidating to anyone unfamiliar, especially to the male species. We've devoted all of June to help any guy over their anxiety of coming in and have designed a few very specific services that just about any fellow would appreciate.   Take a look:

We'll start with the CITRUS SPORTS-"MAN"-SSAGE.  Cool off on these hot days and cure what ails you with this refreshing massage.  in just ONE HOUR we will relax and renew your body with focused work on problem areas with grapefruit, lemon and orange essential oils (no perfumy odors just the real scent of citrus). This spa treatment is guaranteed to welcome you to the spa world in an awesome way, providing rejuvenation and a perfect respite from the hot South Carolina heat!   


Try the COOL GUY MASSAGE SERVICE.  It's only one hour out of your busy schedule and provides an intense full body massage incorporating cooling menthol for a deep muscle relaxation, and then warmth to surprise and engage the senses.   This is the perfect massage for the adventurous and active man and is sure to be the "coolest" massage service in town!


Have you wanted to try a facial, but didn't know where to start?   After all, we KNOW you are concerned about aging well and looking your best . . . right? Book our HOT HUNK FACIAL (you'll feel that's YOU after we're finished!)  Again, give us an hour and we'll make you a spa believer.   This customized, deep cleansing facial utilizes hot towels to envelope your skin, then aromatherapy to invigorate and soften even the most rugged skin conditions.  We'll complete the service with a warm arm, hand and foot massage.   Without a doubt, THIS is the perfect introduction to skin care for the weary and spa-unfamiliar dude!

So, you still think your buddies would laugh if you went to the spa?  You think spas for only for the ladies?  You couldn't possibly be more wrong.  Here are just five reasons why:

1)  You can't play the right sport with the wrong equipment.   How does that fit here?   

Well, believe it or not, shampoo is not intended for your face!   The skin on your face is VERY different from the hair on your head.  That's a fact, Jack. Unless you want to end up over 50 looking like an old shoe, you need to make some changes.  I'm not talking about any elaborate skin care routine, rather simple, easy-to-do steps to aging well.  Why not treat yourself and get a relaxing facial and leave armed with professional advise and know-how from an experienced, trained and licensed skin care expert.   Don't get your advise from a sales clerk whos' entire  job is to s.e.l.l. you a product.

2) "Hey, Ya'll . . . watch this!"  You know what I'm saying.  Next comes, "That's going to leave a mark!"   You've done it now.  Or maybe, it's not from showing off for your friends.  Your aches and pains might be from the stress of every day life/work/etc.   There is absolutely your wife/girlfriend/S.O. that can work out the knots and rock-hard tensed-up muscles unless your partner is a licensed massage therapist!   We are just that! Well trained, tested and licensed. We've been working out kinks on more road-raged, desk-jockeys, weekend warriors that you can ever imagine.

3)  Seasoned Veterans come here.  
Hey, we're no name dropper, but we have had quite a few pro athletes, military veterans and recognizable folks in, and they keep coming.  If it's good enough for them, seriously, shouldn't you try? 

4)  OK . . . now you're a comfortable spa-goer, it's time to "man up" and be BOLD!  Take a look at our full menu and see other spa services you would enjoy. What's the worse thing that could happen?   Pretty much everything on our menu can be customized by using earthy aromatherapy like sandalwood, fir and juniper.  Hot towel compresses can also be added to make your service more "manly!" 
Hint:  the ladies like that, too!

and finally

5) Lizard hands and feet ONLY look good on Lizards  While Spa 131 doesn't offer manicure and pedicure services, we will be more than happy to refer you to someone we trust and KNOW will make your nail experience a pleasant one.  Just ask.  No, really, please ask!

So that's it for this issue of our June Newsletter/Blog  - with specials just for men.  But I did leave off the part about Bourbon or Brew, didn't I?  If I haven't lost you yet and you've actually read all the way down here, you'll be sure and ask for your Bourbon or Brew at the conclusion of your service.   While you're continuing to recover from your AMAZING Spa 131 Experience, you'll get to relax with your choice of beverage.  We also have coffee, tea and water, if that's your preference.

Thanks for your attention.  You may begin your reservation by going directly to our website and click in the upper right corner - you'll see the link, or call the spa directly.   And remember that we always have gift certificates available. Ladies, this is a wonderful time to gift the man in your life. From Dads, to brothers and significant others, a gift of health and wellness to Spa 131 is just the ticket!

Happy June from your buddy

Marci Delaney, Owner
and Team,  Amy, Bailey and Brittany

Spa 131
131 State Street
          in the Historic River District
West Columbia,   SC  29169

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April Refreshment Letter.

We made it through April Fool's Day without hearing news of April the Giraffe giving birth.  I was absolutely SURE it was all a big April Fool's Gag.  Oh well . . . then I'm the fool after all!  I would love to hear if you got "fooled".  Tell me all about it.  I would love to share . . . if you'll allow it.

This issue will speak to two issues that have been spoken about quite a lot lately.  The first issue is Why is regular skin care important and what is truly important.  People fret about their weight and go to the gym on a regular basis.  People discover fine lines around their eyes and fret over that, but ignore the fact that the skin in the largest organ of their body.  Just applying a little lotion or creme on occasion or slopping on sunscreen before hitting the beach simply isn't enough.

So why a facial from a skin care professional?  Well, you exercise and eat right.  You regularly go to the hair salon or get your nails done frequently. You brush, floss and regularly see your dentist. You are obviously interested in looking your best. Professional skin care simply help us to age better! If there is a single cosmetic procedure that everyone could benefit from, it is regular professional facials.

Facials help to prevent and treat common issues and stay on top of things that happen seasonally. Every April, when the weather begins to heat up, skin can get oilier and create breakouts. Almost all professional facials consist of four basic steps:  cleansing, exfoliating, messaging the face an neck. then a specific treatment like a masque for your specific skin type, LED therapy or High Frequency therapy.

The benefits are smoother texture to your complexion, proper hydration resulting in plumper skin, fewer breakouts and firmer, glowing skin.  Don't believe it?  Let's start with a photo and give your Esthetician 3-4 months of regular facials.  We'll simply care pix.  You'll see the proof with your own eyes on your own face.

Why monthly visits?   It's science, friends. Your skin has it's own cycle of cellular turnover.  As we age, that cellular turnover slows down and continues to slow year after year. Think about your little
ones - and their delicious plump, glowing complexions.  They actually have such rapid cellular production and turnover that every month, their little bodies have brand new cells, head to toe, every single month.   That is what we want to return to and what regular, monthly facials can help with. Our treatments encourage cellular turnover and increasing the production of collage, elastin and other things created deep down in the dermal layer. We do that via manual stimulation, acid peels, enzymes, microdermabrasions and other professional treatments.

Remember, too, facials are incredibly relaxing, but don't just feel good and help you chill.  They also help to promote lymphatic drainage - which helps your body get rid of toxins, reduce fluid retention and stimulate circulation of blood, boosting oxygen directly to your skin cells. But . . . talk about relaxation . . . a facial is one of those "just lie still and do nothing" sort of relaxation.

Spa 131 has just got in AHHH-Mazing Dermovia Masks - Green Tea, Collagen and C-Q10.  These are filled with Multi-Peptides and skin plumping/hydrating Hyaluronic Acid.  
Book your Dermovia Mask facial in April for just $79.  Add on the "magic bullet" in skin care, LED light therapy for an additional $30.  You WILL see, feel, touch a difference in your skin at the conclusion of your spa treatment.

The second subject I'm addressing is what to expect at your spa visit.  If it's your first time or if you're a "frequent flyer" spa etiquette is something everyone needs to know about. There are myths and misinformation floating around.

 1) First know that all spas are not created equal.  Just because your BFF loves Spa A, Spa B might be a better fit for you and your needs. Do some research.  Read online reviews and hear from real visitors.  If you go to Spa A and don't feel it was the best fit, don't give up. Spa B might be just perfect.

2) When contacting the spa, don't be afraid to ask questions and know that the spa will also have questions for you.  A great spa experience should be their #1 goal, so asking questions related to your needs is extremely important.  In addition, they are going to need your personal information including email, contact number and very likely a credit card to hold your appointment.  Remember that the spa is reserving time just for you.  They pre-prepare nearly everything.  If you are a no-show, or cancel at the last minute, that therapist looses that time to schedule another guest,

3) Upon your first-time arrival, ask for a tour.  You are going to want to see if it is clean and meets your expectations.  If the spa is in service and treatment rooms are in use, it is reasonable to be unable to see treatment areas.  You wouldn't want your own experience spoiled by someone just looking.

4)  Be sure and ask about bundling services.  Example:  Massage and Facial.  Body wrap with spray tanning,  Facials with brow service or other waxings.   The combinations are endless.  You may also ask for lunch if your service falls within that time frame.  Most spas can accommodate meal delivery.

5)  It can be so disappointing to have a day off, call the spa for a service and find that they are already booked.  If you have a particular day in mind to visit the spa, call early to book.  If a spa is excellent, they do get booked up and it is hard to accommodate last-minute requests.

6)   It's ok to ask what's going to happen in your particular service.  Your comfort is very important to
your therapist.  Proper draping is always practiced and your therapist will direct you if you need to turn or move while on the treatment table.

7)  If AT ANY TIME, you feel self-conscious or experience discomfort, or pain, immediately speak up and let your therapist know.  Your comfort is the most important thing while in the spa, so never suffer in silence.   That stands for every treatment you may receive, from massage and body work, to skin care, tanning or nail services.

8)  DO NOT BE LATE to your visit.  Most spa ask that you arrive no later than 15 minutes early.  As a new-comer, you'll have forms to complete.  Your health history is vital to providing excellent services.  If you are late, your service will be shortened in order to not inconvenience  other guests.
9) You may be required to provide credit card to hold your appointment, but you should never to expected to pay for a service up-front.  If you cancel at the last minute or do not show up for your service, that credit card will be charged. While last-minute cancellations do happen, it is wise to ask for cancellation policies.

10) Avoid shaving for 24 hours if you are scheduled for a salt scrub or exfoliating services (including pedicures).

11) Check with your Medical Professional before your spa visit, if you are on medications that may be contraindicated, or if you are pregnant.  Medical Release from your doctor will always alleviate concerns from both you and your spa professional.

12)  It is OK to ask for a male or female therapist, if that is a concern.

13)  Remember your SPA VOICE.  No one wants their visit spoiled by loud voices.  Turn off your cell phone - and NO CHILDREN under the age of 16.

14)  Be aware of your senses - - - the sense of sound, smell, warmth, touch.   When you concentrate on your senses, you'll relax.  Relax and let the spa experience be all it can be.

15)  Tipping is not required but is acceptable at at your discretion.  The therapists at Spa 131 truly give 100% ,  It is acceptable and appreciated when you show your approval and appreciation.

16)  Finally, provide feedback.  Reviews are important in helping us provide the best service to you.  Review sites are:  Facebook, Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor and others.  In addition, Spa 131 will randomly send out an opportunity to review a recent service.

If you loved your Spa 131 experience, please share with others.  Personal recommendations are our favorite thing!  If we disappointed in any way, please, please, please let us know.  It might hurt, but we would rather have an opportunity to make things right rather than find out about it online.

So there's a lot of info here.  I hope you learned something about professional skin care and what to expect with your spa visit.  Have you booked your April visit?  What are you waiting for?   Go online to and click  in the upper right corner, "Reserve Today."  Couldn't be easier.

We hope to see you soon, Friends.

Marci Delaney, Owner and Master Esthetician
     Amy, Bailey, Brittany and Kat

131 State Street
     in the Historic River District
West Columbia,  SC  29169

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March BeautyBuzz

Happy March, my friends!  I first have to say that apparently I was wrong . . . we are not actually having a Winter after all.  I sure hope a March storm doesn't sneak up on us and freeze everything blooming and sprouting. *fingers crossed.*

You've heard me say to my PRODUCT JUNKIES, that you're doing it all wrong.  Instead of just getting product after product, become an educated INGREDIENT JUNKIE, instead.  Know what ingredients can product the results you are looking for, rather than relying on a marketing team telling you by their pretty product label.  This issue is going to talk about EYE issues and what ingredients can do the job.

First area of your face that attracts attention?  Your eyes.  Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest areas of concern for all of us - the most vulnerable areas of our face to aging and damage.  What's the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."  

Prevention and protection is the best way to treat your delicate eye area, starting with daily sun screen, and should include sunwear i.e. hats and Sunglasses with UV lens.  Wrinkling is often caused by repeated expression movements like squinting.  This damages collagen and elastin fibrils.  Dry skin also contributes to the look of aging skin, not only around the eyes, but to the entire face and body.

Best ingredients to look for in eye care products should include Ceramides, which are made from moisture holding lipids that, when applied to the skin, fill the wrinkled areas resulting in younger, smoother looking skin.  Peptides in most any form are always a good bet, as well.  Matrixyl 3000 is the best Peptide going right now.  It encourages elasticity and production of collagen, increasing firmness and the appearance of tightened skin.  Caffeine, licorice extract and bearberry are terrific ingredients for puffiness and under eye darkness.  Unfortunately, genetically deep, dark circles are very difficult to treat.

Ladies, if you have not experienced much luck with treating your peri-orbital areas (big word, huh?), I invite you to come in for an educational, informative and effective hydrating facial.  I promise that you'll leave with a better understanding of treating YOUR specific issue.  And, I also encourage you to consider one of our great new lash and brow services.

Did you know that Spa 131 now offers a BROW REHAB program, along with our Lash Lift Service?  We do not offer lash extensions, as we haven't been thrilled with the amount of breakage your own natural lashes have to endure.  Not to say that we won't find a system that impresses, but for now, with our Lash Lift, your lashes are separated, lifted and curled.  Add a dark tint, if you wish, for even better results.

The BROW REHAB program requires a personal commitment from you.  That commitment is that you will not pluck, pull, wax, or in any way mess from the plan designed by your therapist.  She will work with you to precision design your brows your lost, over-worked, over-plucked brows to get them in tip top shape.  This is one of our most exciting, results driven programs.  There is no greater satisfaction than giving you a great set of brows, especially when you never thought you could have them!

We also can offer you INSTANT GRATIFICATION with our waxing services.  Your hair is there . . . then . . . poof (or pull) . . . and then it's not!  If you have hair you wish you didn't, then you should give us a try.  Our professionally trained and LICENSED therapist do an excellent job in one of our comfortable and private Esthetic Suites.

Our TOUCH THERAPY is booming here at Spa 131.  In addition to our PreNatal Massage Therapy, we have added PreNatal Skin Care.  Your body AND skin is in a constant state of change during pregnancy - so should your self care and skin care.  There are certain ingredients you should definitely avoid during pregnancy, so it may become more difficult for you to treat things that used to be a breeze.  Let us provide the help and relaxation you need, during this very interesting, exciting, and quickly changing time of your life!

Bailey has added Floor Mat Thai Massage to her menu of services.   What is that?  Pure Heaven, I say!  Thai Massage incorporates traditional massage along with pressure points, energy meridian work and yoga-like stretching for a invigorating, energizing and balancing experience.

Finally, we want to hear from you.   What subjects are of interest to you?   Do you have questions about your skin?  Need advice with a specific skin issue?  Let us know.   What about learning more about massage and how it can benefit you?  Ask away.  We're the experts and want to help you know . . . . the more you know, the more you are going to benefit from us.

If you've found this newsletter helpful in any way,  please pass it along.  Sharing is caring.

Now a word from our friends . . . .

"As my client sat up after her one-hour facial, she said, "If everyone could have that kind of facial, there'd be no war or fighting - - - I'm totally at peace right now."  Kathy Svoboda, Esthetics by Kathy, Round Rock, Tx.  from Skin-deep Magazine, March/April 2017.    Now THAT's a good review.  We have some pretty awesome one's, too.  If you'd like a review of your Spa 131 Experience featured in our next newsletter, please let us know.  Here's a sweet words from Claire Morris:  

Best Facial EVER!!!

"Marci Delaney gives the best facials in the history of the world!!! I never go anywhere else. Love her and Spa 131!!!"  and from Tonya Seabrooks:

Person Rejuvenation Ritual

"My facial with Kat and my massage with Bailey were amazing. The staff at Spa 131 always exceeds my expectations. Bailey is a great addition to the already wonderful staff and Kat is always delivers. I can't wait for my next Spa Day! "

Book by clicking:


Marci Delaney, Owner                                                                                                   Amy, Bailey, Brittany, Kat & Mary                                                                                        131 State Street, West Columbia,  SC  29169                                                                803-251-9400

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I apologize for making you wait!

I dropped the ball and I'm sorry.   With the Holidays, I simply failed to get around to writing.   What???  You didn't miss me???  Hahaha.  I know that you were crazy busy, too.   So . . . having said that, don't you think it's time for a little self love and appreciation?  Let's talk about that.  

Would you believe that two out of every five women say that they are struggling to be in better health?   Women tend to take on the caregiver role.   They are twice as likely to provide support for other family members, most likely to do the housework after a long day at work, to take on volunteer roles and more, than their male counterparts.   That leads to neglect of their own health in the process. 

Ladies, we are all attempting to be the superwoman and say we just don't have the time to take care of ourselves.   This is crazy talk!  If we don't take care of ourselves, we won't be able to take care of our spouse, our kids, or even maintain our busy lifestyles.   

Men, this also applies to you.   Some of you reading this are trying to be Supermen, as well.   While, Spa 131 does have a higher percentage of female to male guests, We do see a lot of guys in our practice. I do know some of our guests are single dads, trying to do it all.  JUST STOP!   Take care of yourselves, before you crash and burn! 

Regular visits to the spa are proven stress relievers and show scientific health benefits!  This is not new news to anyone.  Spa treatments date as far back as our history will take us. Archeologists have unearthed caveman massage tools.  Nah.  I just made that up, but the Ancient Romans were known for building hammams, bathhouses, saunas, and other spa facilities 

In our Modern Age, Spas have developed in different ways from that time.  While originated as a place for communal bathing (none to little plumbing available),  today's spa goers receive the benefits of many different modalities of massage, skincare and other treatments.   

So what is the benefit?  Thanks to modern science, we know regular visits to your favorite spa (We hope Spa 131 is one of them!) are extremely helpful to your over health and well-being.  Not only in stress reduction, reducing blood pressure but to your muscles, blood-flow, oxygenation, healthy skin and glowing complexions, and so, so, so much more. 

A spa treat involving a little use of some particular essential oils, while providing delicious aroma, is amazingly beneficial. Just a brief exposure can do more than calm your jangling nerves. A study done in Taiwan in 2012, found that given certain oils in treatment for an hour, your heart will benefit.  100 healthy young people were exposed to vaporized essential oils (often bergamot and lavender) for a period of an hour.  Their heart rate and blood pressure was reduced across the board.   Ask for the addition of essential oils in your next spa treat for this health benefit.  Also, think about the immunity boost during cold and flu season.  It's science, people!

Spa 131 is so happy to have such awesome Massage Therapists.   Amy is the Relaxation Guru.  Her touch is so soothing that most of her guests come out of her treatment room in a sleep induced haze.   Did you know that we can add of additional time just for you to have a little extra shut eye.  We can add 15-30 minutes just for additional nap time.

Bailey is our Therapeutic Queen.  She is certified in Cupping, Mu-Xing (hot bamboo and rosewood), as well as Thai Floor Massage.  Her touch gets right to the heart of what ails you.  Both of these therapists are excellent and knowledgeable with Essential Oils.  In your pre-therapy consultation, just talk about what issues are bothering you and they will assist in choosing the right Essential Oils for you.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Massage Program at Midlands Technical College and will be mentoring some of their massage students.  This is a great opportunity to come visit us and see what Spa 131 is all about, while giving a student some hands-on, supervised experience.   Call for details.

News in the Esthetics Suites is that we are fully staffed with appointments available right now.  Brittany is the lash and brow expert.  
She has developed a Brow Rehab program for those that know they have over plucked, waxed, sugared or whatever. You know who you are.  Your brows are dinky and sparse.  Brittany, with her precision brow design and rehab program will have your brows back in shape in no time.  Her other gift is with Lash Lift (and tint, if necessary).   This procedure last 2-3 months and many find they don't even need mascara. 

Kat, along with Brittany specialize in troubled skin - adult and teenage acne - in addition to your regular cleansing/hydrating skin care. They are the intimate wax providers, as well.  Marci is the antiaging specialist and works to keep up with the skincare advances for mature skin.   

What about makeup?  What about Brides?  Bridal Parties, Birthday Parties, Couples Treats, Book clubs, or Business Retreats/off-sites?  Yep!   We do that. Whatever the need may be, every team member has customer service top of mind - exceeding every guest's expectation - every time!

Valentine's Day is early February and Spa 131 has
already been selling gift certificates like crazy.   Don't let it sneak up on you. February 14 rolls around every year.
Our gift certificate make a beautiful presentation in it's little organza bag, however if you can't get by in person, you can purchase online from our website and print directly to your computer or have it sent via email.  But, we sure would love to see you stop in.

I think that's about all to share in this newsletter except to tell you about all our new babies.  Kat delivered first and we adore seeing little Jack.  He is changing so quickly and just the cutest, sweetest little lovebug. Our Amy brought little Shep into the world about two weeks later.   What an alert little man.  I just wanted to snuggle him up, but no! This guy wanted to turn around and watch everything going on around him.  So darn cute but growing way too fast!  I feel we are surrounded by cuteness and sugar - especially when I get to have my little Grand-Darling around, too.  Can't believe that she is nearly a year old already!

Final Reminder:  Don't think for a minute that Columbia will be missing any winter weather - February is always cold.  Perfect weather for our warm wraps and hot treatments.  Be sure and take a look at our February specials on the website.   Mmmm . .  hot stones, hot towels, warm wraps and more . . .choices, choices, choices.

Thanks for reading and let us know how we can help you feel your best!

Marci Delaney, Owner

Amy, Bailey, Brittany and Kat
131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169

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