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January 2021 |
New Service Announcement
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New Targeted Massage
A full body massage is great especially if you have a 90 min session where the therapist can focus and spend enough time on all the areas of the body, but many times people experiencing pain or body discomfort in a targeted area full body massage may not be the answer. When we get a full body massage we feel amazing and get off the table full of energy, Because the therapist has increased the circulation which boosts moods, body temperature, lymphatic system and increases the serotonin our brain releases. All these things are great but sometime specific areas don’t get as much attention as they require.
A focused or targeted massage normally means deeper pressure and use of different techniques to release the stressed muscles. Our new TARGETED MASSAGE Program works throughout a series of 30 minute treatment sessions on your targeted area of discomfort, saving you money and time. Please call to learn more details and get started right away.

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