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I give a good facial massage. Well, actually, I have been told that I give an amazing facial massage. That's a main part of every facial in my treatment room. You might think, "Yeah? That's nice, but so what?" So what? Here's the so what part: Want younger, healthier, glowing complexion? Facial massage can firm, smooth and sculpt. That's what!

Everyone wants their skin to look healthy and young. There is no denying that massage of every kind improves the appearance of skin for a period of time after any treatment. The instant improvement is caused by increase of blood flow and, as a result, an increase in cellular oxygenation. We can all agree that massage is good for you at any age, but after about the age of 40, the benefits are even greater. This is the average age that skin begins to lose some firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles become an area of concern.

Let's talk about crows feet, laugh and smile lines. They are not the devil! We really can do something to minimize the appearance of those stinkers. There are two kinds of wrinkles that cause us concern - static and dynamic. Dynamic wrinkles are those caused by facial movement. For example squinting over and over contributes to crows feet. Static lines are the ones that get etched because of those dynamic movements. Get it?

So what to do about those guys? Well, Cosmetic Botox injections will relax those muscles so that they either won't form from dynamic movement or prevent them from getting deeper from dynamic movement. Now, facial massage is more subtle than Botox, but with regular facials it also relaxes those same muscles and even helps to decrease puffiness, as well. If you manipulate the facial muscles through massage, it increases the blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Lymphatic Massage (all that movement around your neck) causes toxins/impurities to move away from the skin. This causes lymphatic drainage - getting the "Yuckys" moving down from your face (think puffy eyes) and eventually leaving your body (through urination), essentially decongesting your skin.

When you're a young babe, your skin tissue is strong. As gravity takes over in our 40's and 50's, the integrity of our skin begins to breakdown, The collagen and elastin - fibers that hold all the layers of muscle, fat and skin all together - slows down production. Regular facial massage helps to increase the cellular production way down in the dermal layer and helps to keep all those layers healthy and in place. Muscles relax, circulation increases and you've got the appearance of that sought-after youthful glow.

After your facial massage,besides you becoming a limp noodle, your therapist will apply products to your skin. These topical products are now much better absorbed. Key ingredients in serums, creams, lotions are able to penetrate deeper giving you better and quicker results. You're really getting your moneys worth now.

The bottom line is this: You want results. When results are provided you will become a loyal believer in regular facials with an awesome facial massage. I take Gynormous pride in all services at Spa 131, however, my personal speciality is with facials and skin care. I challenge you to have one facial with me and see why. In addition, bear in mind that we have a relationship with Dr. John Newkirk, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Newkirk is a quarterly guest at the Spa to provide Cosmetic Botox and Juvederm Cosmetic Filler, all within the relaxing environment of our facility.

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