Thursday, June 2, 2016

June - Junny - June - June

June . . . Sounds like summer, doesn't it?  Swimming, Boating, Beaching and all the joys of June in the South.  Makes me smile . . . BIG.  Please!  Please!  Please!   Remember to USE your sunscreen - every single day.  Make it a habit, my friends.  Your skin will thank you!

Spa 131 has brought in a new line of Sunscreen for your use.  We have it in three formulas - one that is extremely light-weight for oily complexions, one that is more moisturizing for dryer skin types, and a great water-resistant formula that you'll love.  All three of these are mineral (zinc) based and offer GREAT broad-screen(UVA/UVB) protection.  These products are made by PCA Skin and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation - their seal is right on the bottle - also featured in O Magazine, Lucky Magazine and Elle Magazine.  You're going to want this!

If you've been in to see me anytime in the past several months, you have experienced my CELLUMA LED Panel.

 I truly feel this is a most effective thing I have seen in skincare.  Let me tell you more about it.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is approved by the FDA for anti-aging and in helping with acne.  It really is rocket science.  Over 15 years ago NASA sponsored a project to develop LED light to generate photosynthesis to grow plants in space.  They found that it  did effectively increase cellular activity in plants - - - and then was used to maintain Astronauts health.   They found it to sustain normal cell growth, prevent bone loss and muscle loss and and to boost the bodies ability to heal wounds.  It has been discovered that cells exposed to certain infrared LED lights grow and heal up to 200% faster than cells not stimulated by LED.  
Isn't that just the coolest thing???

Those smarty NASA peeps found that different LED light colors target specific skin conditions. Want to know more???

RED is found to be the most powerful color to increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to improve collagen production.   THIS is the ANTI-AGING magic bullet!  It is suitable for any type of skin to increase fiber blasts, ATP and generally increase cellular activity to lighten and tone the skin. Great for scaring and wound healing.  

BLUE kills P.Acne Bacteria and improves oily, troubled skin.  It is also extremely calming against skin rashes and sensitivity - that's why it is desired post-peel, post-laser, for sunburns, etc.  Blue LED can adjust sebum secretion and may have some tightening to loose skin.

PURPLE is a combination of the above and is found to be relaxing and improves lymph metabolism. Purple can strengthen the protein fiber tissue, decrease the appearance of large pores and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Because it is a combination of colors the red is somewhat weakened than when used alone.

GREEN helps with discoloration, as it targets melanocytes, melanin producing cells located in  the bottom layer of the epidermis.  May inhibit production of excess melanin, preventing it from traveling to the skin's surface and breaks up clusters of melanin (discoloration) to diminish the appearance of spots, such as freckles/hyperpigmentation.

YELLOW/AMBER LED is the most shallow penetration, but effective in treating redness.   Excellent for sensitive skin and rosacea.   This color treats the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on the nose and face.  

Seriously!   Have you heard anything more wonderful?  Treatments are cumulative - people find them relaxing and most actually nap.   We don't mind the snores at all!   We are happy to add on a 30 minute LED "Nap Session" after any service - just ask when you schedule your appointment.  I love asking at the conclusion of the treatment how the skin feels - nearly EVERY GUEST says the same thing, "My skin feels tighter!"   That's a win!

Since it is now JUNE, Spa 131 has begun our Summer Specials.   This year we are offering a special sumpin, sumpin for one full week.  You may take advantage of that offer by calling or booking online during that week for any time in June.  Our first week's special facial offer is a Summer Berry Facial.  

This soothing facial is good for any skin type and, of course, smells delicious.  It is exfoliating and hydrating.  You'll feel pampered and refreshed.  Regular cost would be $99, but on special this week for just $79.00

Our massage special is actually a massage package deal.  With this package you may choose THREE hour massages - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Life-style Personalized or Hot-stone for only $159.   Come see us weekly, bi-weekly, or choose to see us in June, July AND August.  You get to choose.

Be sure and check back every Monday for the new deals and offerings.  They will be available for that week only - then, Poof - gone.

That's all the Spa news and I know I haven't written for a while,  Y'all know why . . . Little Miss McKenna Elizabeth Delaney - my (not so) new Grand Daughter.  Here's why I have been distracted  .  .  .  .
 I'm back on track now, though.  At least for this minute!  LOL
 She has my heart and I admit my preoccupation with everything McKenna.  

We did lose our Nail Technician and 2nd Esthetician (same person) at Easter, and we are looking for a great replacement.  Please remember that as you are out and about.  Would you spread the word?   Tell everyone that "The BEST Wellness Spa" is looking to add them to "The BEST Spa team!"   Thanks so much.  I really think we are going to find someone awesome by word-of-mouth.  If you've visited us just one time, you know what a wonderful place Spa 131 is.  Just tell others about us and about our search for wonderful team members.  That'll do it!

Finally, Ladies, this is just for you and, BTW, it IS OK to talk about it . . . Vaginal Health. It's a real thing! If you're suffering and/or having "issues" did you know that there is a real solution? We are considering a Meet & Greet with Dr. Andrea Pezzella, MD so you can learn more about options. Would you send me Private Message if you are interested in getting on the list? I will notify you when we have this scheduled. Dr. Pezzella is absolutely great and you'll be very thankful to be armed with information to allow you to reclaim, restore, and revive your intimate self.  These "issues" occur with just about ALL women "of a certain age" - Menopause is to blame and maybe you didn't know that there are real, effective options that don't include messy creams or patches.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will notify you when we have a definite date for this FREE session.  You will be so, so, so happy to learn what is available to help give your personal life back - healthy and happy!

Now, go make your Spa 131 appointment.   We are so looking forward to having you in - THIS WEEK!


Marci Delaney - along with Amy, Casey and Kayla
Spa 131
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