Sunday, August 30, 2015

Farewell to Summer - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - *kicking and screaming all the way

September is here - whether we want it or not - waiting to be embraced as it symbolizes the return to everything scheduled - school, kids programs, NCIS (9-22 for those of you waiting for the return of  Jethro Gibb) and, of course, FOOTBALL!  In a fond farewell to summer, Spa 131 is putting together several Chic Packages to help you switch gears.

First up is our $99 mini facial Refresher Package. With this sweet deal you'll receive a 25-minute refresher facial, 25- minute head, neck and shoulder massage AND an express manicure.

Next in line is our $99 Summer Clean up Package, which includes a 25-minute exfoliating facial to whisk away tired, dried summer skin, a 25-minute full body exfoliating scrub AND your awesome Endless Summer Spray tan.

Take note of this, my friends. All 90 minute massages are only $99 in September - that is hot stones, deep therapeutic, relaxing Swedish - the choice is yours to make.  90-minutes of pure massage bliss is on sale this month only!  This is the absolute BEST time to MAKE time to reward yourself for your own awesomeness.  Go ahead!  DO IT!

In order to keep that summer glow, Spa 131's awesome Spray Tan is just $25 throughout September. Remember to prepare well before your appointment by shaving the night before, but the day of come freshly showered and generously exfoliated - especially all places typically dryer like your knees and elbows.   Stay away from moisturizing shower gels and refrain from using ANY body lotion, perfume and deodorant.  You'll receive post-care tips when you're finished getting your amazing just-off-the-beach color spray.

What good is an Endless Summer Tan without Endless Summer toes?  Our final Package features our scents of summer (Mojito or Margarita) mani and pedi, PLUS full body scrub AND Spray tan.  Yep, this Endless Summer Package is only $99 in September.

Those of you that know me, know what a fan I am of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.  Close enough to drive for a delicious weekend of awesomeness, and with a Luxury feel so close to home.  My sweet husband swept me away this last weekend of summer, as did all gazillion people staying at my get-away place . . . it was packed.  What that means is that there was no room at the spa for me . . . *daggers to the heart!  Not to be deterred, I booked spa services at a local place recommended by the lovely GPI concierge.  Now here's my story:

First clue that it wasn't going to be great was that the cab driver had never heard of it - but when I googled, it read that it was voted Asheville's BEST DAY SPA (sadly, this experience has lessened my opinion of the "Best Of" competitions).  We pulled up in front of a truly dilapidated house with crumbling stairs.   The cab driver told me not to worry about that too much as it was in a very historic area of homes.

When I got to the top of the steep, crumbling staircase, I was met not with a front door but a closed in deck with a small sign pointing me around to the side of the house for the entrance.  Opening that door took me into a tiny entrance hall with steps leading to an upstairs or a small door to the left.  Hmmm . . . no welcoming sign or anything marked "entrance."  I took my chances with the door and only hoped I wasn't actually walking into someone's living room . . . or worse.

It was a hair salon.  An extremely cluttered and packed tight hair salon.  It should have been comforting to see a giant A rating sign by the NC Cosmetology Inspectors, but with all the "stuff" everywhere it failed.  I was greeted by a smiling hairstylist, who told me to take a seat, brought me bottled water and a clipboard with intake forms.  I did feel slightly better in that they wanted information to better serve me, but neither therapist had the forms in hand when I saw them. I am fairly certain they never even looked at them at all  *face palm!

In all fairness, the facial and massage was very good.  The problem was my mind kept saying over and over, "I hope this is clean.  I hope this is clean."  So . . . I always try to learn something new when ever I get to have professional services somewhere other than Spa 131.   What I learned is vital: You really never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Appearances mean so much.   These two therapists might have been absolutely awesome, but because the place looked like a wrecking ball would be doing them a favor AND the clutter, junk, and jumbled appearance gave an unclean impression AND lack of welcoming entrance  - all caused me to form an unfavorable opinion immediately.  Unfortunately, that opinion can't be changed.

This experience makes me committed to working harder at making sure that Spa 131 is always clean, uncluttered and completely welcoming to every guest.  Please let me know if you ever find your experience lacking.  I can't fix what I don't know is in need of repair.  I would really appreciate your feedback and will work hard to meet your expectations every time.


This month's Business Spotlight is Just Susan Picture Framing 158 St. Andrews Road Columbia, SC Susan Futrell is a true talented professional.  She did a spectacular job with an extremely important Christmas gift.  My dear friend attended President Clinton's 1st Inauguration Ceremony in Washington, DC and has had a priceless photo of her shaking hands with the President, the program and other momentos.  I took those items to Susan and told her we needed her to put it together.  The finished product is spectacular, to say the least. If you need your own treasures framed, Susan is your go-to.  She can be reached by calling: 772-3009 or by email:

Friends, we so appreciate you and hope that we can have the honor of your continued support.  Call or go online to schedule your September Spa Service and please, please, please share this newsletter/blog with your friends.  I hope you find value in our monthly update, but it you don't want to receive emails from us, just let us know and your email address will be promptly removed.

Here's to an outstanding September!

Marci Delaney for all of us at Spa 131
Kandace Wilson, Amy Locklear, Amy Belle Isle and Derek Brasington

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