Monday, March 23, 2020

Letter regarding our TEMPORARY closing because of Covid-19

Hello Beautiful Friend,

I want to see how you are navigating today so I am checking in.  During this time, there is a lot of uncertainty, but try to remember that social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolating.  It’s an opportunity to be present with our loved ones, organize, do a little spring cleaning and get outside for a walk or a hike.  It’s also an excellent time for self-care.

Spa 131 Family,with your health in mind. . . At this time, I can no longer, in good conscious, remain open. We  will not be accepting appointments until April 1st - Hopefully, we can return to business as usual by that time.  I will be calling all who have appointments already scheduled to speak to you live and make a plan.

I care about your mental state and emotional wellbeing.  I want to offer these simple tips to take care of yourself during uncertain times:

1)  Remember that product you bought from me but haven’t been a faithful user?   Get it out!  Now is the time to treat yourself!  If you’re not sure what to do, or how to use it, reach out to me and I will gladly help you.  If you’re running low on products, I am happy to provide quick drive-up pick up.  Let me know if you’re in need.

2)  It’s normal to indulge in sweets and wine during stressful times.  I’m giving you permission (like you need that!)  Heck!  I would join you if I could!  If you do partake of any emotional eating, here’s a beauty hack . . . put your eye cream in the fridge  Not only will it feel great, but you’ll say goodbye to puffy eyes!

3)  Use Essential Oils to elevate your mood!  There are so many delicious scents that can help elevate your spirit.  I would bet you have several choices on hand, if not, they are an easy purchase.  Lavender is a wonderful choice for relaxation.  The rich and spicy aroma of cloves rosemary eucalyptus and cinnamon are said to help with immune support.  Take a few minutes to read about other fragrances and combinations online.  You’ll find plenty of information.

4)  Take a hot bath and throw in some soothing salts to enjoy the benefits of improved sleep, breathing and detoxification.

5)  Take break from watching, reading and listening to news stories INCLUDING Social Media!  Hearing about the pandemic over and over is upsetting.  Get caught up on your shows or - even better - connect with your friends and family.   Consider an elderly individual you know.  They would so appreciate you reaching out to them.  You might never know just how much a call or post might be.  In fact, you might be the only one to check on them.

6)  If your skin is starting to show signs of stress - sit down for a few minutes with a cup of hot herbal tea.  Shut your eyes and meditate on three things you are thankful for.  Sounds simple, but can help you refocus for a while.  Take deep, chest filling breaths through your nose,  hold for a count of 6, then blow out through your mouth as if blowing out candles, giving yourself a healthy boost of Oxygen.  Practicing a little yoga will get those muscles moving and improve your mood, too.  Plenty of tutorials and classes on line for FREE

Really, during these trying times, be sure to make time for self-care, love and get outside.  Enjoy some sunshine and get your daily dose of Vitamin D.  It’s good for the brain, and thus, good for the soul!

If you have any questions, or just need an encouraging word, please reach out.  While I may not be able to see you for a little bit, your wellbeing is important to me and I would love to help you in any way that I can.

Respectfully yours,

Marci Delaney
Spa 131

131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169


P.S.  Do me a favor - - - leave your brows and blemishes alone.  Don’t pick your skin and moisturize like crazy - top to bottom - until we meet again.  Remember that ice is your friend with breakouts

P.P.S.  The fun chats we have in the spa don’t have to stop because we are social distancing.  I know how stress can make us look and feel.  Please reach out to me and let me know how I can support you.  I am serious!  Reach out any day - any time  You know how to reach me.  I’m all over Facebook at any rate

P.P.P.S.   If you choose to be removed from our email base, please just let me know.  I’ll be sad, but will promptly remove you, however, you know that I don’t send out very much email.

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