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March BeautyBuzz

Happy March, my friends!  I first have to say that apparently I was wrong . . . we are not actually having a Winter after all.  I sure hope a March storm doesn't sneak up on us and freeze everything blooming and sprouting. *fingers crossed.*

You've heard me say to my PRODUCT JUNKIES, that you're doing it all wrong.  Instead of just getting product after product, become an educated INGREDIENT JUNKIE, instead.  Know what ingredients can product the results you are looking for, rather than relying on a marketing team telling you by their pretty product label.  This issue is going to talk about EYE issues and what ingredients can do the job.

First area of your face that attracts attention?  Your eyes.  Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest areas of concern for all of us - the most vulnerable areas of our face to aging and damage.  What's the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."  

Prevention and protection is the best way to treat your delicate eye area, starting with daily sun screen, and should include sunwear i.e. hats and Sunglasses with UV lens.  Wrinkling is often caused by repeated expression movements like squinting.  This damages collagen and elastin fibrils.  Dry skin also contributes to the look of aging skin, not only around the eyes, but to the entire face and body.

Best ingredients to look for in eye care products should include Ceramides, which are made from moisture holding lipids that, when applied to the skin, fill the wrinkled areas resulting in younger, smoother looking skin.  Peptides in most any form are always a good bet, as well.  Matrixyl 3000 is the best Peptide going right now.  It encourages elasticity and production of collagen, increasing firmness and the appearance of tightened skin.  Caffeine, licorice extract and bearberry are terrific ingredients for puffiness and under eye darkness.  Unfortunately, genetically deep, dark circles are very difficult to treat.

Ladies, if you have not experienced much luck with treating your peri-orbital areas (big word, huh?), I invite you to come in for an educational, informative and effective hydrating facial.  I promise that you'll leave with a better understanding of treating YOUR specific issue.  And, I also encourage you to consider one of our great new lash and brow services.

Did you know that Spa 131 now offers a BROW REHAB program, along with our Lash Lift Service?  We do not offer lash extensions, as we haven't been thrilled with the amount of breakage your own natural lashes have to endure.  Not to say that we won't find a system that impresses, but for now, with our Lash Lift, your lashes are separated, lifted and curled.  Add a dark tint, if you wish, for even better results.

The BROW REHAB program requires a personal commitment from you.  That commitment is that you will not pluck, pull, wax, or in any way mess from the plan designed by your therapist.  She will work with you to precision design your brows your lost, over-worked, over-plucked brows to get them in tip top shape.  This is one of our most exciting, results driven programs.  There is no greater satisfaction than giving you a great set of brows, especially when you never thought you could have them!

We also can offer you INSTANT GRATIFICATION with our waxing services.  Your hair is there . . . then . . . poof (or pull) . . . and then it's not!  If you have hair you wish you didn't, then you should give us a try.  Our professionally trained and LICENSED therapist do an excellent job in one of our comfortable and private Esthetic Suites.

Our TOUCH THERAPY is booming here at Spa 131.  In addition to our PreNatal Massage Therapy, we have added PreNatal Skin Care.  Your body AND skin is in a constant state of change during pregnancy - so should your self care and skin care.  There are certain ingredients you should definitely avoid during pregnancy, so it may become more difficult for you to treat things that used to be a breeze.  Let us provide the help and relaxation you need, during this very interesting, exciting, and quickly changing time of your life!

Bailey has added Floor Mat Thai Massage to her menu of services.   What is that?  Pure Heaven, I say!  Thai Massage incorporates traditional massage along with pressure points, energy meridian work and yoga-like stretching for a invigorating, energizing and balancing experience.

Finally, we want to hear from you.   What subjects are of interest to you?   Do you have questions about your skin?  Need advice with a specific skin issue?  Let us know.   What about learning more about massage and how it can benefit you?  Ask away.  We're the experts and want to help you know . . . . the more you know, the more you are going to benefit from us.

If you've found this newsletter helpful in any way,  please pass it along.  Sharing is caring.

Now a word from our friends . . . .

"As my client sat up after her one-hour facial, she said, "If everyone could have that kind of facial, there'd be no war or fighting - - - I'm totally at peace right now."  Kathy Svoboda, Esthetics by Kathy, Round Rock, Tx.  from Skin-deep Magazine, March/April 2017.    Now THAT's a good review.  We have some pretty awesome one's, too.  If you'd like a review of your Spa 131 Experience featured in our next newsletter, please let us know.  Here's a sweet words from Claire Morris:  

Best Facial EVER!!!

"Marci Delaney gives the best facials in the history of the world!!! I never go anywhere else. Love her and Spa 131!!!"  and from Tonya Seabrooks:

Person Rejuvenation Ritual

"My facial with Kat and my massage with Bailey were amazing. The staff at Spa 131 always exceeds my expectations. Bailey is a great addition to the already wonderful staff and Kat is always delivers. I can't wait for my next Spa Day! "

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