Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Fall - - - it's not just for pumpkins, Pumpkin.


It's Chemical Peel Season!

We're in South Carolina where the sun is bright, harsh, and damaging for much of the year.  BUT . . . beginning in October, the level of UV starts to decline, as the sun is lower and lower in the Horizon,  and continues throughout the winter months.  As an Aesthetician, this is my favorite time of year!  Who am I kidding,  Aesthetician or not, Fall has always been my favorite season.  The reason for this Blog, however is to reflect on the professional services we can begin to transition to in the Fall.

I've heard over and over again how the words, "Chemical" and "Peel" seem to throw people off.  Bear in mind that "Peels" within Spa 131, tend to be much more superficial and never cause the sort of peeling you have read horror stories about - rather more of a "Micro" peel, helping to give you an amazing, no-makeup glow!  If your desire is to have your face peel off into your lap, your best course of action is a medical-grade peel performed by a physician.  My opinion is that is rarely necessary for the average Joe or JoAnn.

Think about it this way - - - our body produces about 19 MILLION skin cells all over.  As we age, the sloughing off and replacement of old skin cells s-l-o-w-s w---a---y  down the older we get and THAT is why we don't see that rediance we USED to have in our twenties.

Of course, we recommend home exfoliation a few times each week, but at the Spa, the deeper we go the happier the glow - with a professional aesthetic peel.  Combining that along with a Microdermabrasion gets AHHH-mazing results! From sun damage, to hyperpigmentation, to wrinkling and age management - a variety of chemicals are available to treat every skin type.  You'll immediately see a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles AND a difference to the tone and texture of your complexion.

Spa 131 has put together two terrific Peel Packages for your consideration.  While you CAN opt for just a single peel, a series during this season, spaced
2-weeks to a month apart, is best.  We have a 3-pak or a 6-pak of Peels available for our October Special. 

The 3-pak is $300 - that is buy 2-get 1 FREE - PLUS 1 Free Microderm to use at your 3rd session.

The 6-pak is $550 - getting 2 FREE - PLUS 3 Free Microderms added in at alternating session PLUS 3 FREE Alginate Rose Mask for calming, soothing results. This is a GREAT package for those desiring a real, noticeable change right from the beginning.

Your skin is your BIGGEST asset and it's the very first thing people see when they look at you.  When you're glowing with healthy, hydrated skin, not only will you look better, you'll feel better about yourself - more confident and, dare I say it?  More powerful about life and in-charge of who you are!

You've heard it before - your skin is the largest organ of your body and does require special care.  Having a trained and licensed skin care professional to guide you is not only a good idea, it is vital for age-management and THIS is the best time of year to take your skincare further.

How to get the best results from Chemical Peels takes some preparation in the week proceeding your service.  The best beginning is the right cleanser.  The licensed and trained professionals at Spa 131 will be sure and prescribe the best cleanser for your skin type.  Adding a Vitamin C serum is recommended.  Avoid any other skin procedures that might cause your skin to have negative results from the scheduled peels.  Increase your sun protection before and AFTER services.  Learn about any prescription medicines that may be counter-indicated. Be sure and discuss ALL medications that you take!  Make sure and ask about proper moisturizers for your skin type and begin to use before and continue after your peels.  Additionally, your skin care professional MAY have you start on a Retinol product.  Proper care before and after will give you the desired results.

So . . . who's excited?  I am and I am looking forward to having you in with us throughout the season.

Cheers and here's to a healthy glow!

Marci Delaney
Spa 131

131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169


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