Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Star Customer Service

I am going to be writing today on a subject VERY important to me . . . And I would suppose, important to you, as well. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Don’t you think this world is just getting less and less interested in providing Super Star Customer Service? When was the last time you experienced genuinely wonderful sales/service? I can tell you about so many less than stellar times in a retail environment or service industry . . . But, no need to share. I’m sure you have lots of negative stories, as well.

I would ask . . . No plead . . . That everyone let me know how m.d. Skin is doing on customer service. If there is ever a bad experience I need to know. I can’t make amends or won’t know what to correct if I am not told of an “opportunity for improvement” if I don’t know. Also, you know, it's really nice to hear when we do something right. Communication is always key to learning - - - how to be better at what we do.
Tell me, so I can be better!

My goal is to take steps to provide “above pampering” experiences and give treatments that give results to the tone, texture and appearance of your skin. Having said that . . . Remember that the therapeutic benefits of regular aesthetic treatments - besides perceived pampering - provide long-term genuine beauty AND overall health benefits.
Are you tired and stressed out? An hour spent in my treatment room can be just what you need - it's like a mini vacation, where you leave with beautiful, better cared for complexion.

Yes, I am just a teeny tiny lil skin care studio, but I am committed to being a SuperStar in the Midland’s Skin Care arena. I commit to every guest to give my all - each and every time - by offering quality products, competitive and effective treatment menu.

Bear in mind that the BEST compliment you can give me is Word-of-Mouth to your friends. I so appreciate your trust in me. Sharing your guest experience and end result with others is something that I would be so grateful for.

m.d. Skin treats: Acne, Aging Beautifully, Dry Skin, Men’s Skin Care, Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Senior Skin, Melasma and Hyperpigmentation, and also offers Airbrush Tanning and Sugaring Hair Removal.
I invite you to book your “Spring Cleaning” appointment with m.d. Skin. Remember that you can’t get your glow on if your skin is clogged and congested.

Happy Spring, Friends!!!


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