Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Now is the time . . . for a Jessner Peel

Jessner Chemical Peel

The Jessner Peel is one of the most effective light cosmetic peels available.

Are you thinking about have a Jessner Peel?

This blog is provided for informative purposes only as well as what to expect when undergoing a Jessner chemical peel. Please consult your esthetician if you have any questions or concerns regarding a chemical peels or any professional treatment options.

Offered only in estheticians' offices, Jessner chemical peels allow you to experience increased deposition of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of your skin - giving your skin the younger, healthier appearance you desire. m.d. Skin is now - for a limited time - offering this medium depth peel. It is important to ONLY receive a treatment such as this BEFORE the intense Southern Spring/Summer Sun!

This is a medium chemical peel - priced at $180 - is designed for more extensive damage than AHA's can improve. It is made from salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid), lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) and resorcinol. Improves acne and blemishes, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged and weathered skin.


Your skin will feel tight and dry for 24 hours. Do not touch your face. Your skin will develop a brown-red sunburn look for 2-3 days and then peel like a sunburn for 2-3 more days. Some mild itching and burning is normal at this time. This usually lasts 7-10 days. During your peel think of your dark old skin (which is peeling off) as a bandage which protects the fresh new skin underneath. The longer you can keep this natural bandage in place, the better the result your peel will have. DO NOT pick or pull at the flaking or peeling skin, it can result in bleeding, rawness, scabbing, a risk of infection and a slow down of the healing process.


You may have some swelling during the first 2 to 3 days of your peel. In extreme cases, your eyes may swell almost closed during the first few mornings. This is a normal response and it will resolve on its own.


For dry skin, Rescue Cream can be applied night or day if extra comfort is need.


If you must wash your hair, wash it with your head tilted backward in the shower.


It is important that you try to sleep on your back with your head elevated on pillows if possible. This is so you don’t rub the skin off the chin or cheek area prematurely.


DO NOT sit in a sauna or Jacuzzi for 2 weeks, or do strenuous exercise. Sweating will make your face sting and it will cause you to peel too soon.

Once all the skin has been shed, the skin must be treated gently for several days.

DO NOT use Retin-A or Renova for 3 weeks after the peel.

DO NOT use AHA, AHB and Retinol creams for 2 weeks after the peel.

DO NOT use topical exfoliants, for 1 week

Sun should be totally avoided and you must use Sunblock protection daily.

If you have any QUESTIONS about your peeling service or after care at home, please do not hesitate to calL.

You must consult your esthetician to schedule a 40% Glycolic Acid or Jessner's chemical peel treatment.

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