Monday, November 29, 2010

The move Complete

Yes!  I have finished the move to my "New" Treatment Room.  I think it is way nice - warm, comfortable, and calming.  What theme did I choose?  Non that I previously mentioned.  It is a enveloping, earthy feel with dark brown ceiling, mocha'ish color on the walls with accents of black and some white. 

I need to sell my current facial/massage bed so that I can bring my new one in.  If anyone knows of anyone needing to make a purchase tell them to check mine out.  It is electric hydraulic, white - in excellent physicial condition.  The new one I have purchased is just bigger - not necessarily better.  Since I am now situated where I will not be moving again I feel confident in purchasing a big, non-movable bed.  IMG00081-20101116-1810

It was truly a nightmare getting my new room built out.  It's too bad that some construction people give the industry a bad rep.  The guy I hired came highly recommended, however I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.  He over committed and over-stated his ability.  What he said should have taken 3 days ended taking 5 horrible, nerve wracking weeks!  My lesson learned is to go to the very last job site and question those individuals.  I think that would be the best reference.  Very valuable lesson here for me.  Thankfully I don't think I'll need any construction done for a long, long time.

My new room has been met with wonderful comments from previous clients - of course new clients don't know any different.  For several days I felt almost like I was working in someone else's space - didn't remember where I had moved things.  It's much better now for me and I am absolutely thrilled to show it off.  I hope YOU'LL come for a visit real soon.
News flash:  I have begun to carry to fun line of trendy and classic jewelry - - - the line is Guy and Eva from California.  Please take a look and consider for Christmas gifts.  Go to:
I know you will love, love, love the items available.  I have found the pieces to be even prettier in real life!  Limited pieces are available to see in my practice.

As Thanksgiving has just passed, I want to say THANK YOU to all that have so faithfully supported and encouraged me on this journey.  I hope you were able to enjoy some wonderful with friends and family and will be able to do it again at Christmas.  I was blessed to have my younger brother and his wife, their 2 boys and one precious wife.  We all gathered with about 60 others down in the Country - deep in the heart of Hopkins.  We had cousins, aunts, uncles, Pas and Nanas, and many more with us.  Just a wonderful time.  Now that's reason to be thankful!

So . . . this is a brief update and what I am thinking about today . . . just another day in my life!  God Bless

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