Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creating Personal Wellness Plan

Find Balance Within to Have Beautiful Skin


Sounds a little “new agey?”  Maybe.  However, most of us, me included, find ourselves, often, very off balance.  Women especially.  In raising children, a husband, jobs, running household, homework, etc. etc. etc.  we often say, “Balance?  Who are you kidding!”  But, we CAN create a personal wellness plan for better living and that even translates into more beautiful, glowing, healthy skin.  Really.


OK . . . think about this . . . taking care of ourselves has become a chore.  Gotta go to the dentist.  A chore,  Gotta schedule our mammogram.  A hardship.  Gotta go to the gym.  A nightmare.  (OK this one I agree with, we’ve already established how I feel about that!).  You see where I’m going with this.  Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t  be looked at like this.  Taking care of “the temple” should be an honor, our responsibility, a privilege.  We only have this one body and there are no “do overs” given.

Here are just a few thoughts are a personal wellness plan - - -

Relieve Stress for Life Balance

Stress is a KILLER and causes such a damage to our bodies. Many times when we become ill it is immediately after or during a stressful event. Stress can also cause our skin to breakout creating acne or just causing a general dullness in our complexion.. Balance in the body cannot be found if the body is carrying large amounts of stress.

Having a facial is a tremendous stress reliever.  A traditional European Facial includes a great deal of massage in areas that hold our stress:  neck, shoulders, upper back.  In addition, the facial massage helps to stimulate blood flow increasing overall feeling of well being.  Don’t discount just how beneficial it can be to you.

As much as I am loathe to agree, exercise is a great stress reliever.  It doesn’t have to mean sweating it out on a treadmill. . It could be yoga, Pilates, a walk or jog on our beautiful riverfront, or even a karate class. Often times we just need to find a way to get built up stress/aggression out. Another way is through professional massage. A great masseuse will be able to use their hands to manipulate the body to release stress that has been built up. Massage helps slow the body down and put it in a relaxing state. Our body heals when it is relaxed.

Facials, exercise and massage will benefit the skin by increasing blood flow and restoring the body to a healthy zone.

Hanging Out with Friends for Beautiful Skin

How can spending time with some close friends bring about beautiful skin? We don’t take enough time out to get together with good friends - for a night alone. With many responsibilities with work, family, and community activities, a night out might seem impossible to fit in. But by getting away, many times we choose healthy activities. Either a day at the spa (my personal favorite) or walking around at the mall ,all have benefits to our bodies. But more than anything, being able to share a fun time and laughter with a friend  relieves tension that is carried inside..  Of course, my buds know that just being together with a nice bottle of wine is pure stress relief for me.  Laughter, together with some BFFs is my #1 prescription.

Get a Good Night Sleep  - Every Night

Losing sleep is one of the most harmful things we do to our bodies. Lost sleep also impacts our appearance and it is not just because of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Sleep is essential to health.  During sleep, all of our muscles relax – including facial muscles. This will help smooth out skin and release tension that was put on the face during the day.  Getting the necessary 7-8 of sleep is the minimum amount anyone should have.

So . . . give this some thought.  Create a personal wellness plan for you and get balance to your life and family. What do you like to do?  Read? Take a class?  Bible Study?  Sing?  Go to the Library, Take a online class.  Become active in your church, Join the church choir. Many things that are needed are just plain common sense but ones we still ignore. First and most importantly, VALUE YOURSELF MORE!  Take time for YOU.  Meditate.  Pray. Maybe once you see the affects staring back at in the mirror – a more radiant, confident person – you’ll be a believer.

So . . . these are just some personal thoughts and this is just a day in my life.


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