Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25th

It’s very hard whenbest mattress logo both parties in a marriage are small business owners (Big sigh). Of course, one half of this marriage started a new business in the worst economic downturn in memory. The other half of this marriage is trying to maintain an 85 year old family business during the worst economic downturn in modern history (Bigger sigh!). Sometimes . . . it seems a little tense in this household.

Having said that, I am so positive, excited, and motivated about m.d. Skin. There have been so many good things going on for me this week. Thankfully school has started. That means that all those people that said they’ll be in to see me after school starts will start to call. My phone will be ringing off the hook! OK . . . that’s wishful thinking, but . . . my appointment book DOES seem to be looking a bit better.

Listen! Even though I might grumble and complain, I really know how blessed I have been – since day 1! I have given my tithe back to God, paid my rent every single month, credit cards are paid and supplies are bought as needed. How many new businesses – even in good times – can say that?

Today’s social media make marketing a business so much easier than generations of old. I started with around 85 Face Book Fans last weekend. Today I have 215. This rapid increase is due to You should check out this site and see what you facebook find interesting. It’s filled with good stuff related to social events around Columbia, networking for businesses, and just plain fun. Now if even a quarter of those actually translated into clients I would be a very happy new business owner! Some are going to make an appointment soon; it’s just a waiting game. I have to stay with it and continue to keep my name out there.

Twitter is antwitterother animal all together. I was just about to throw in the towel 2 weeks ago when I got my first “nibble,” then another, and another. Last night I mistakenly tweeted that  today was my “last” day. I meant to say “late” day. I got lots of tweets saying, “What???” “R u closing?” “No, I haven’t been able to get over 2 u yet!” So, see. People are paying attention. Perseverance is my friend (and patience is a virtue). I have told you before about my lack of patience. I’m working on it though. I’m not going anywhere!WXRY

I sat down with Kris Esker of WXRY (99.3) this afternoon. We are working on a little advertising campaign. Stay turned on this. Should be a lot of fun for everyone. I just hope it  means an increase in business and name awareness. Name “branding” is a really important part of building any business.

Tomorrow is going to be another awesome day. I start with Midlands Business Women Breakfast, then a really busy (with actual clients) day! So looking forward to it.

I want to end with saying how wonderful it was to end my day today with Lauren. I haven’t seen her in a very long time and it was a real pleasure to treat her to her first facial. Was an actual treat for me. Congratulations on her upcoming wedding and I wish for her all the wonderful blessings God has planned for them both.

So this is Wednesday and just another day in my life! Can’t hardly wait for tomorrow

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  1. It sounds like your business is really off to a good start. Stay positive and you are right...patient. (the hard part)


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