Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17 . . . Ho Hum . . .



Well . . . Back-to-School is REALLY not a good time for me in my new business.  You know after one has a full year to look back on you can plan for slow – to – nonexistent business.   “Yikes” is all I can say right now.

Here I sit in my beautiful room in a lovely salon twiddling my thumbs, so to speak.  The hair salon is slow, the nail salon is slow and it is making me CRAZY!  I have been known to be a fairly impatient individual (those that know me, stop laughing) and expect BIG things to happen rather sooner than later.  I know my business is just 3 months old, but I thought I would be busy – or at least busier – by now.

My encouragers tell me not to be discouraged or disappointed.  My intellect tells me it takes time to build a business.  I’m a fairly intelligent person so I really do know that to be the case.  I am a hard worker and want to be the best at what ever I do.  It is really hard for my days to be s-l-o-w.  My high energy self has a hard time just waiting.  I feel like I have to do “something”.

So . . . any ideas?  Any suggestions on what I can do to get me booked?  I would love to hear from you on this subject. 

On the benefit side of having no appointments is getting my hair done.  WhooHoo.  However, – this color is . . . well . . I just might should dry it before I make any statements.  Right now it’s a little different.

Good news on my Mom.  She is improving at a very advanced rate.  She is doing so well that she just might be able to go home tomorrow even without home PT.  That’s good news.  I told her about our Leisure Center here and she tells me that are TWO Senior Centers – very similar – very close to her home in Texas.  She said the rate for membership is $25 PER YEAR!!!  Holy Smoke!  What a deal.  Theycrying-face04 have swimming pools with in-pool fitness classes, trips, etc. etc. etc.  I will NOT let up on her till she joins up and give her daily calls on actually GOING.   What a pain in the butt I can be!

But see . . . I’m a doer – not a sitter and waiter.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have  appointments scheduled and have been told that my business is doing great for this point in existence.  I  am just not personally satisfied.  Waaa . . .  I hate hearing myself.  I shall just STOP!  I am blessed indeed.  Tomorrow (Scarlet) is another day.  After all . . . this is just a day in my life!

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