Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother MAY I?

The month of May brings flowers, Mother's Day, and at Spa 131, it always bring "May-ssage" and, No, you do not have to ask Mother's permission. May also tends to bring lots of aches and pains because we all want to get outside and dig, plant, paint, spruce-up and get more physically active with outdoor activities. After all that, you might need to get some help with those aches and pains. Our Licensed Massage Therapists can help - a LOT. Sometimes when you over do it, you might even need the help of your favorite Dr. of Chiropractic. If you don't already have a relationship with one, we would be glad to suggest a great Chiropractic group. Did you know, though, how and why Chiropractic & Massage work so well together?

Chiropractors "adjust" or manipulate misaligned bones and joints to remove, stress, especially nerve stress. Massage Therapist work to remove/eliminate muscle stress. Muscles attach to the bones and joints that affect alignment integrity. That is WHY we work so well TOGETHER. It is our belief that offering our clients the choice to utilize both therapies simultaneously allows a synergetic effect providing a much quicker recovery. Structural correction occurs more easily and with less discomfort. The great chiropractic results last longer when muscle tension is released - otherwise one runs the risk of returning to pre-treatment misalignment. These compatible forms of health care share a common goal of your total well-being, not simply the absence of pain, stress and illness. This is preventative care and can help you live your life to the fullest and with optimum health.

Offering our month-long "May-ssage" specials are a wonderful opportunity for you to see what the talk is really all about. You can book a 60 minute, personalized and customized massage during the month of May for just $49. Yep! Just $49. This is never extended and only available in May. Later in this newsletter/blog you'll see the combination packages included in our "May-ssage" offerings.

I wanted to provide you with a little information on my personal favorite skincare treatments - LED light based therapy. I have been giving a little LED service away at the conclusion of most of the facial sessions for the last couple of months, when time allows. I will continue to do this throughout May.

BLUE LED light therapy reduces inflammation to troubled skin. It has a calming effect not only ON the skin but with your overall well-being. People tend to feel GREAT after a 30 minute session under the light panel. Specific wavelengths of blue light target the strain of bacteria that plays a pivotal role in causing acne for many people. The light causes the development of oxygen radicals that kill P. acnes bacteria without damaging healthy skin. Bottom line: Combined BLUE LED therapy with regular professional skincare is very positive in treating troubled skin.

Since I am of a "Certain" age, it is the benefits of RED LED light therapy that interests me most. RED LED light therapy can increase cellular activity, promote cellular metabolism, increase greater amounts of collagen protein and fiber-blasts, accelerate blood circulation and increase skin's elasticity. This contributes to the repair of damaged and/or aging skin. It also decreases wrinkles, make pores appear smaller and tighter and evens out skin tone/reduce hyperpigmentation. Just sayin . . . pretty darn awesome!

I think that's enough boring information for this newsletter/blog, though I can't hardly get enough of this stuff. Remember that if you do not want to receive anymore communication from us, we will remove you immediately if you just let us know. We never want to intrude or irritate you and hope you do enjoy hearing from us at Spa 131.

May-ssage 60 minute personalized and customized massage - $49
May-ssage WITH 60 minute REAL SPA facial with Holly - $99
May-ssage WITH Spa pedicure - $99
May-ssage WITH Spa manicure & pedicure - $120
Daily LED treatments (30 min) for 5 days in a row - $99

Lastly - but oh so important - just for Mum: so you can treat her like gold. Spa 131 has a 14k Golden Facial reserved especially for the Mother's - YOUR Mother. This is an absolute delicious facial treat that your Mom won't soon forget. She will feel so very special when you present her with a 14k Gold Facial, the results on her skin will feel priceless and the glow of her complexion will only be matched by her joy and happiness. No kidding - it's THAT good and is priced at $125

Cheers to you from Amy Belle, Amy Lock, Derek, Holly, Kandace and Marci

Spa 131
131 State Street
West Columbia, SC 29169


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