Monday, June 5, 2017

This Bud's for you

And by, "Bud", I mean your old buddy pal, Marci over here at Spa 131 - along with Buddies: Amy, Bailey and Brittany.  We've got a cold brew for you and some news that you can use! This Blog/Newsletter is specifically directed toward the guys.

Spas can be intimidating to anyone unfamiliar, especially to the male species. We've devoted all of June to help any guy over their anxiety of coming in and have designed a few very specific services that just about any fellow would appreciate.   Take a look:

We'll start with the CITRUS SPORTS-"MAN"-SSAGE.  Cool off on these hot days and cure what ails you with this refreshing massage.  in just ONE HOUR we will relax and renew your body with focused work on problem areas with grapefruit, lemon and orange essential oils (no perfumy odors just the real scent of citrus). This spa treatment is guaranteed to welcome you to the spa world in an awesome way, providing rejuvenation and a perfect respite from the hot South Carolina heat!   


Try the COOL GUY MASSAGE SERVICE.  It's only one hour out of your busy schedule and provides an intense full body massage incorporating cooling menthol for a deep muscle relaxation, and then warmth to surprise and engage the senses.   This is the perfect massage for the adventurous and active man and is sure to be the "coolest" massage service in town!


Have you wanted to try a facial, but didn't know where to start?   After all, we KNOW you are concerned about aging well and looking your best . . . right? Book our HOT HUNK FACIAL (you'll feel that's YOU after we're finished!)  Again, give us an hour and we'll make you a spa believer.   This customized, deep cleansing facial utilizes hot towels to envelope your skin, then aromatherapy to invigorate and soften even the most rugged skin conditions.  We'll complete the service with a warm arm, hand and foot massage.   Without a doubt, THIS is the perfect introduction to skin care for the weary and spa-unfamiliar dude!

So, you still think your buddies would laugh if you went to the spa?  You think spas for only for the ladies?  You couldn't possibly be more wrong.  Here are just five reasons why:

1)  You can't play the right sport with the wrong equipment.   How does that fit here?   

Well, believe it or not, shampoo is not intended for your face!   The skin on your face is VERY different from the hair on your head.  That's a fact, Jack. Unless you want to end up over 50 looking like an old shoe, you need to make some changes.  I'm not talking about any elaborate skin care routine, rather simple, easy-to-do steps to aging well.  Why not treat yourself and get a relaxing facial and leave armed with professional advise and know-how from an experienced, trained and licensed skin care expert.   Don't get your advise from a sales clerk whos' entire  job is to s.e.l.l. you a product.

2) "Hey, Ya'll . . . watch this!"  You know what I'm saying.  Next comes, "That's going to leave a mark!"   You've done it now.  Or maybe, it's not from showing off for your friends.  Your aches and pains might be from the stress of every day life/work/etc.   There is absolutely your wife/girlfriend/S.O. that can work out the knots and rock-hard tensed-up muscles unless your partner is a licensed massage therapist!   We are just that! Well trained, tested and licensed. We've been working out kinks on more road-raged, desk-jockeys, weekend warriors that you can ever imagine.

3)  Seasoned Veterans come here.  
Hey, we're no name dropper, but we have had quite a few pro athletes, military veterans and recognizable folks in, and they keep coming.  If it's good enough for them, seriously, shouldn't you try? 

4)  OK . . . now you're a comfortable spa-goer, it's time to "man up" and be BOLD!  Take a look at our full menu and see other spa services you would enjoy. What's the worse thing that could happen?   Pretty much everything on our menu can be customized by using earthy aromatherapy like sandalwood, fir and juniper.  Hot towel compresses can also be added to make your service more "manly!" 
Hint:  the ladies like that, too!

and finally

5) Lizard hands and feet ONLY look good on Lizards  While Spa 131 doesn't offer manicure and pedicure services, we will be more than happy to refer you to someone we trust and KNOW will make your nail experience a pleasant one.  Just ask.  No, really, please ask!

So that's it for this issue of our June Newsletter/Blog  - with specials just for men.  But I did leave off the part about Bourbon or Brew, didn't I?  If I haven't lost you yet and you've actually read all the way down here, you'll be sure and ask for your Bourbon or Brew at the conclusion of your service.   While you're continuing to recover from your AMAZING Spa 131 Experience, you'll get to relax with your choice of beverage.  We also have coffee, tea and water, if that's your preference.

Thanks for your attention.  You may begin your reservation by going directly to our website and click in the upper right corner - you'll see the link, or call the spa directly.   And remember that we always have gift certificates available. Ladies, this is a wonderful time to gift the man in your life. From Dads, to brothers and significant others, a gift of health and wellness to Spa 131 is just the ticket!

Happy June from your buddy

Marci Delaney, Owner
and Team,  Amy, Bailey and Brittany

Spa 131
131 State Street
          in the Historic River District
West Columbia,   SC  29169

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