Thursday, April 16, 2020

My precious Spa Friends,

I’ve completely lost all track of time.  How many days has it been?  I just told someone the other day that March seemed to last 4 years and now here we are in April.  I am having severe Spa WITHDRAWALS!!!!   Please tell me that you are missing me like I’m missing you.  My new theme song is from The Little Mermaid.  “I wanna be where the people are!!!”

Having said that, I have been staying busy without going to the spa and seeing guests.

*  Cleaned Closets
*  Started my Hay Bale Garden for a harvest of fresh veggies
*  Started making Face Shields for our health care workers
*  AND, of course, face masking myself as much as possible.

If you need any tips on the following, I’m your girl . . .

* Instructions of rearranging your closet (just purge, my friends.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re not going to!)
*  DIY beauty recipes
* DIY martini - - - I’m calling it the Quarantini.  Who am I kidding.  It’s red wine in a fancy glass.
* How to survive this with humor (it’s good for your immune system.  No need to say more!)

During these long days, I encourage you to make time for laughter, self-care, and try to get outside every single day.  We know laughing releases endorphins and this beautiful Carolina Sunshine, energizes and reinvigorates the soul.  I’ve said before that if you are feeling alone or just need an uplifting word, do not hesitate to reach out.  While we may not be able to be together for a few more weeks, your well being is important to me and want to help you in any way that I can.

I’m attaching a little fun Spa 131 Bingo.  Play along and win some goodies when we are all back together.  Everyone that plays and wins will get a free upgrade at your return visit.  Share with someone that you think would enjoy a teeny little diversion.  If you want to be EXTRA,  post online (Insta, FB, Pinterest, etc).  I’ll adore you for that!

If your skin is starting to show the signs of stress, let me know.  I am working on a new on-line store right now.  BUT, I will be happy to either ship to you for a $7 flat rate OR we will meet you at the Spa for drive-up pickup.  You never even have to hand me your credit card.  While you’re there, we will speak on the phone and I will manually enter the payment information in our machine.  I will sign “Phone Order” and you’ll  get a receipt via text or email.  Your choice.  I’ll bring your skincare products out to your car.  Couldn’t be easier.

Now . . . it’s your turn!!!!!   What have you been up to?  How are you adjusting to this new normal?  Reply to this email and please entertain me!!!  I need to hear from you!!!

Here’s to Staying Safe at Home and looking forward to better days and seeing you soon!

Sending Hugs over the airways!!!

Marci and Team
     Andina, Lisa, Melanie, Michele
Spa 131

131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169

The first 3 words you see will be the first 3 things you’ll do when this is over

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