Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Wellness Series #4

THE CURE Rejuvenation Ritual 

The final service is our list of Favorite Summer Menu Items is our most pampering.  We call it THE CURE.  The name really says it . . . it is the cure for any summer malaise, abused summer skin, or just for anyone needing some TLC.

THE CURE starts with a completely customized NINETY minutes of massage heaven.  Your Therapist might incorporate some cupping therapy, essential oils, hot towels, and the use of several massage techniques in order to knead your knots and meet your needs and expectations with the perfect massage.

Next, you'll get in your Spa robe and relax a little bit in our Tranquility Room with a nice cup of tea or coffee while your Esthetician prepares for the next piece of your journey to Nirvana.

Now . . . in the treatment room . . . we start with a thorough and deep cleanse of your skin using the finest botanical based products; the scent is a delicious as the service.  Next, a microdermabrasion treatment will provide exfoliation and then a plant-based enzyme applied will penetrate deep into your skin.  We could stop right here and you would be happy, but we'll continue with the most relaxing facial massage you've ever experienced -- unless you've done this service before.

The next step in THE CURE is LED Phototherapy.  Red Light Therapy was studied by NASA and was determined that the light waves actually penetrate to the cellular level, causing increased production of elastin, collagen, ATP, and all the good stuff to help us with age-management.  Oh yeah,  I said it, "AGE."  THE CURE  and LED Light Therapy is a definite step in the right direction.

After your LED mini-vacation, The CURE adds either a Rezenerate Service or Microcurrent Therapy.  Rezenerate is called, "The World's BEST Facial" because it provides the deepest penetration of product without needles.  The appropriate serum will be used to provide a customized service.

Microcurrent is regarded as the "Red Carpet" treatment because it's used in Hollywood before Red Carpet Events.  It's like a workout for your face.   The more you do it, the better results you'll see; however, your therapist will give results you'll see immediately.

Either way you choose to go -- Rezenerate OR Microcurrent -- your skin will feel firmer and you'll be glowing and completely relaxed.   What a great way to spend a summer day!

This popular 3 hour spa treat is $225.   You can add on a waxing service and spray tan to make it even better.

What more can I add to this?   Goodness!  It's awesome at Spa 131!!!

Alright now.  These appointments are not going to book themselves!  THE CURE cannot be booked online as there is a lot of coordination that has to happen . . . you'll have to call 803-251-9400.  You can also request a meal, if you would like.  We'll go pick it up for you.  Would you like a glass of wine or Prosecco?  Just let us know when you schedule your service.  We'll have it chilled for you.


Here's to the BEST summer ever.  We sure would love to be a part of it.

Marci Delaney
Spa 131
and team . . . Ginger, Michele, Sara, Jennifer, and Paige

131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169


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