Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer Wellness Series #1

This is the first of a small series of blogs describing our most popular summer treatments at 131 Wellness Spa.   Did you see that . . . what I just wrote?  131 Wellness Spa.  I'm trying it out to see how I feel about a teeny little name tweek.  What do you think?  I'm considering that because we are more than just your usual once-in-a-blue-moon day spa.  We are truly a Wellness Facility with emphasis on full-person wellness - - - mind, body, spirit - now even offering Hypnosis Treatment to stop smoking, appetite control, stress management, tinnitus management and so much more.

Enough about that . . . now the purpose of this Blog:  Describing the summers most requested services.  We will start with our Cellulite Services.  Prices start at just $90.  Obvious why they become more popular with bathing suite season (Duh!  Who doesn't want to look smoother on the beach!!!).  Our services are non-invasive and very effective and are booked all throughout the year.  Our cellulite treatment procedures are specifically designed to target areas that our guests focus on and then give the appearance of smoother skin with real, measurable inch loss results. 

There are several options for guests to choose from.  The journey begins with a thorough consultation to discuss what results are desired, which areas of the body to focus on,  your own anatomy and then what time period is desired.   Is there a wedding date, is there an upcoming special trip, or is the concern for long-term physical changes and time is not a concern.  All of these things are considered when creating a guest-specific treatment plan.

A series of M'lis Body Contour Wraps might be just the ticket.  A Cellussage Series might be better.  Cryofreeze could also be considered.  We always suggest booking a singular cellulite service with Ginger and together you'll come up with what might work best for your own desires and needs.

Any questions?   Never hesitate to reach out by calling or sending message via www.spa131.com

We hope to have you in soon and let's get started on your personal wellness journey

Marci Delaney
Spa 131
131 State Street
West Columbia,  SC  29169



Don't forget your sunscreen!

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