Monday, June 1, 2015

The Grass is Always Greener . . .

Isn't social media great? We get to look deeply at everyone else's life - personal and private - and see all of their successes, their joys. We see their BIG acquisitions, additions. Their life, their family, their mere existence is outstanding. We might look around at our own "stuff" and think it is inadequate, showing lack of success. Maybe the pages in our appointment book looks slim. Our children are not going to Med School or even graduating top in their class. We! Are! Failures!

Hold it! Stop right there! I had a little "Unplugging" Experience only yesterday and I want to share it with you. First thing was that I didn't go cold turkey, BUT I didn't look at FB, tweet, instagram - didn't scroll any feed - the world didn't end when I failed to read about everyone's awesome weekend activities. I'm sure many people did some most excellent beaching, hiking, eating, partying but I didn't see it, didn't miss seeing it, glad you did it, but I "unplugged." I have some suggestions to help you get over "The Grass is Greener" Syndrome.

1) Allow yourself some "No Social Media!" time. Do something else, or do nothing at all. Buddy and I walked the Riverfront yesterday. After that, I watched (binge watched, actually) some mindless television that I have been wanting to see. My house was dirty and it stayed that way. I vegged and it felt so good. Give yourself permission to completely unwind on occasion. Make no apologies. Your next day outlook will be changed for the better.

2) Remind yourself that we truly are all the same. We ALL have successes just like we ALL have failures. You better believe that every life has challenges. The washing machine breaks, the appointments slow down, the landlord isn't great . . . and that is just for me, today, right now. There will be more challenges - no doubt. No one is immune.

3) Be careful who you invite into your life. There are as many different personalities as there are people. We all know the "Negative Nellies," the embellishers, The one-uppers, the athletic kings and queens, the projecting parents - oh, this list would go on forever. I tend to fall into the Pollyanna category, myself. My point is this - If you invite the braggadocious in, you may feel inadequate. IF you invite the joy stealers in, you will be brought down. What ever - WHOM ever flips your trigger - simply beware and take steps to limit their influence on your life. You do not have to hear about the greener grass on their side of the fence unless you want to.

4) Finally, give yourself permission to make an investment in your own personal well-being. That could mean a River walk, like I did yesterday. I would also suggest that a regular visit to Spa 131 can be exactly like a mini-vacation without ever leaving the area. If you scoff at this idea, I invite you to prove me wrong - no I DARE you to prove me wrong! Study after study shows just how accurate this is. And - - - here are our June specials to make a trip to Spa 131 a little more enticing:


Get Bathing Suit Ready with special pricing:
Bare-All Brazilian Service - $45
Bikini Wax - $30

Luxury Marine Pedicure - This service is designed to refresh and revitalize, like a brisk barefoot walk in the surf. If you can't get to the ocean, bring the ocean to you! Your feet will feel reborn and your spirit satisfied. This delightful foot treatment is normally $85, but priced in June at only $55
Add a professional manicure to your pedi service and get BOTH services for only $90

We are still offering our popular Massage Sampler Package. Get a massage in June, another in July and yet another in August for just $165. Perfect for keeping your body aligned and your spirit balanced.

June brings the opportunity for a Refresher Facial priced at just $50. This hour long Esthetic Delight is designed for a deep, refreshing cleanse. You'll feel fresh and relaxed when finished - It's like a mini vacation not only for your face, but for your mind, body and spirit.

Don't forget DAD. Purchase a gift certificate for Father's Day and let him choose his pleasure OR pick a massage, nail or skin care treat just for him. We promise to make him comfortable and relaxed. Every service is in a private room so no prying eyes will make him feel out of place. He WILL say, "Thank you!"

On behalf of the entire team of Spa Professionals here I want to give a big THANK YOU for your continued support of us and allowing us to help make your piece of this earth a little better and perhaps a little greener - even if only for a short while. Happy June and we hope to see you real soon.

Marci Delaney

131 State Street, West Columbia, SC 29169

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