Monday, January 13, 2014

As IF you need an excuse . . . Here are a few reasons WHY you should get a winter massage:
1) DRY SKIN - Ugh! The biggest winter issue for many of us. Massage is proven to improve skin's hydration . . . that's a guarantee. We use amazing oils, creams, and lotions that contain high amounts of vitamins and nature's hydrators. Massage therapy improves circulation, allowing your skin to absorbs these essential vitamins, leaving your epidermis nourished, refreshed and hydrated. Not only will the outside be radiant, but you'll get your happy from the inside out.
2) IMMUNITY BOOSTER. It's cold and flu season. Did you know that a professional massage is a proved immune booster? Look it up, friends. Google will affirm it. How? Massage therapy increases the lymphatic drainage - our lymph system is the sewer system of our amazing bodies. Enough said.
3) CIRCULATION. I said it above, but massage helps to improve circulation, by enhancing the flow of book and oxygen. Notice cold hands and feet? Notice joints not moving quite as they should? That boils down to a circulation issue, caused by colder temps. This is a "no-brainer" but consider adding hot stones. Oh Baby!
4) WINTER BLUES. Are you one that feels the angst of winter time, also known as S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder? My husband gets really out of sorts when he can't get outside for his normal activities like golf and tennis. Some actually fall into a winter depression. Let us help with that. Massage is proven to improve warmth and provide an overall improvement in well-being. Massage therapy causes our body to release serotonin and endorphins - the "happy hormones." 5) OUTDOOR WORK? Yuck. Well, no matter. Massage really will help after hard physical work. Let us work on those tight shoulder muscles, your lower back, glutes, and forearms.
Simply said, Massage is just what your body is asking for, right now and always.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your 60 minute or and hour and a half massage by clicking this link:

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