Monday, May 2, 2011

Liz Amick
“I have a skin care question! Is eye cream really necessary? Meaning, do I need a separate moisturizer for under my eyes? I've heard different answers so I don't know what to do. Any advice would be great. Thanks!”

Great question, Liz! When I attended Aesthetics school my Instructor said a face cream is a face cream is a face cream. Inside I cringed when I heard him say this as I vehemently disagree! I also thought, “OK! This is coming from a MAN!” I KNOW eye creams!!! Eye creams are my BFF!”

Here’s the skinny, as I see it: Skin under the eyes can be prone to puffiness if fluid builds up there -- allergies and sinus problems can also cause the eyes to puff (I have personally been fighting this for the past THREE months!!!). When the skin in the peri-orbital area becomes thinner as we age and the underlying veins become more prominent, dark circles can form. This can be from heredity, lack of sleep, too much sun exposure and we all know that aging can all cause dark circles and creepiness.

Because the eye area is thinner, has no fat layer and very few oil glands, eye creams tend to be a bit more emollient, which may be too heavy for the rest of the face. A regular face cream will not address puffiness or dark circles – as there is no need to. In addition, be aware that the active ingredient in some face cream will most definitely cause irritation to the delicate eye area and should not be used there.

If you are an adult that suffers from acne and is using a face cream to address that issue, this cream should never be use in the eye area. Extreme caution should be taken as well, if someone is using a face cream with resurfacing active ingredient like Retinol, Retin-A, or a combination of any anti-aging ingredient. Yet a specific eye cream with the same active ingredient(s), with a gentler formulation will yield the results you are looking for, without the harshness, which in itself could only damage the delicate skin around the eyes.

I know how much better my makeup goes on when I am nicely moisturized and specifically how much smoother my concealer looks when I use an eye cream. In the afternoons/early evenings I even refresh my concealer with a tiny fingertip of eye cream – Wa La!

Now, Liz, as for you, maybe you don’t need an eye cream at all. I don’t know your age so I can’t speak to your youthful glow, or lack thereof. If you feel that your current face moisturizer is working for you, then by all means skip the additional product. However, I also am in the camp that believes in early prevention. I frequently have people say that I don’t look my age. I would say that is from good genes (thank you, Mother!) and preventative measures. As some of the first signs of aging begin around your eyes with those teeny tiny fine lines, a little moisturizing dose of preventative medicine might not be a bad idea.

Please note that there is not magic cream that eliminates all signs of aging over-night. No magic pill, magic wand, or magic bullet! Phooey! However, with continued use, I say you WILL see a difference!

I hope this is good information for you, Liz. An informed consumer is an armed consumer. You are now entered into the May drawing for FREE European Facial - and just for asking a simple (but good!) skin care question.

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