Sunday, September 19, 2010

“Spa-ing” and the Metro Sexual Man

Oh, Good Griefman facial!  Men!  First off, have you noticed that as a man ages he becomes, “more distinguished?”  As the only girl growing up in a house full of males and again with male children in my own adult life, here’s what I know – men are looking in the mirror, too - a lot.  “Distinguished” or not, grown up men are concerned with graying strands, the hairbrush full of hairs turning loose, lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging skin everywhereWomen do not own that.  The difference is, most women don’t hesitate to do something about it.  From the local Wal-mart to the most exclusive med spa, women simply do it!  Encouraging news for men is that there are more and more comfortable options for them.  I have even been able to get my own manly man of a husband into a spa.  First time he went kicking and screaming.  Next time he actually asked to go.

Interesting news is that day spas are reporting that their male clientele has grown over thirty percent in recent years. You may be surprised to learn that this includes not only corporate-climbing, white-collar executives,  but the blue-collar gentleman as well. It seems men from every walk of life are now evolving to understand the benefits that women have reaped from visiting day spas for years.  Because many men have a tendency to feel intimidated or apprehensive about spending time or money on services that involve a type of upkeep that has traditionally been considered only female, spas have helped break this stereotype by creating new male-focused treatments and products.   I invite you to visit my booking site (  to see the Manly Man Menu.  I have named the services after actors you’ll recognize.  I offer THE JOHN WAYNE, THE CLINT EASTWOOD, THE SAM ELLIOTT and THE TOM SELLECK.  Just by naming the treatments in a non-threatening way the male client feels more comfortable about venturing in.

gpi I have written a previous blog about the different types of spas.  The resort or destination spa may choose to market themselves as a “health retreat” in an effort to breakdown  the female oriented stereotype of visiting a spa and offer packages geared especially for men that include golf, hiking, and other outdoor sports.  Now my husband would easily go for that!  I have mentioned THE GROVE PARK INN ( in previous blogs.  It is located just up the road in Asheville, NC – a pretty short drive up Interstate 26.  Their fabulous spa has a wonderful offering to the gents – they have 3+ amazing pools to attract macho type people – a salt water pool, a lap pool, and an outside “current” pool.  In addition, the plunge pools with the terrific waterfalls are absolutely wonderful as they beat down on tired backs and shoulders.  Nestled in the lovely NC mountains, GPI offers a great golf course, tennis, hiking etc.  Then there are the spa treatments themselves.  The key is just to get the men in to try one treatment and typically you have them hooked.  Seriously, my man stayed with me last time for several hours.  That is huge!

For men, the key is to eliminate most of the “fluff” stuff – and I say “most” because they do like pampering, too – just in a more subtle way.  I have found with my male clients, I just need to get to it – get it done.  Men want the same results as women just in a more condensed time.  I have one male client that when ever he calls to make the appointment says, “I have a few minutes to spare, early in the morning.  Can you work me in?”  What he is essentially saying to me is, “I like early morning before the spa gets busy and filled with a lot of women.  I want to get in and get out.” and most importantly, “I want this, need this, and hope you’ll respond to my needs.” 

 man microd The biggest example of the different offering in my practice for men and women is this:  I offer a lovely microdermabrasion facial treatment on my menu.  It doesn’t specify for women only, but it is a full hour with relaxing facial massage, masque and diamond microdermabrasion.  The description flows with yummy, appealing verbiage on the benefits of this superior spa treatment.  On the Manly Man Menu, I offer THE CLINT EASTWOOD  QUICKIE MICRODERM, a 30 minute cleansing, Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles, cleans pores, and lighten hyperpigmentation followed with sunscreen application.  Short.  To the point. 

See, the thing is - men have skin.  No surprise in that.  Men have skin that ages just like women have skin that ages. Men are concerned with looking their best today and tomorrow.  This isn’t new.  What IS new is that they are finally doing something about it besides sneaking in their wives, girlfriends bathroom and covertly using their “stuff”. 

And you thought paying someone to help you look and feel your best was just for women?  Not anymore.  Males are having cosmetic surgery and injectables like Botox and dermal fillers more than ever before.  It’s OK.  I welcome the guys to visit me at m.d. Skin.  ( My treatment room isn’t pink and frilly.  It is calm and welcoming, and the services for male clients are essential and beneficial.

This is what I am thinking about today.  Just another day in my life - - -

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